Yosshie 4onthefloor - Advance Special Program


The 4th release of Yosshie 4onthefloor's label "4onthetrax". 

Tech Dance album with 12 tracks. 

In addition to 11 tracks from "Future Star EP", "Flash Gun EP", and "Too Lazy To Duty", a new track "Liquid Domain (Tech Dance Rework)" is included.

Yosshie 4onthefloorのレーベル"4onthetrax"のリリース第4弾。


“Future Star EP”,”Flash Gun EP”,”Too Lazy To Duty”の収録曲11曲に加え、

新曲”Liquid Domain (Tech Dance Rework)を収録。

Release Date : June 5th, 2020

Catalog Number : FOTT004

Genre : Tech Dance

Type : Album