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Yosshie 4onthefloor

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Trackmaker and DJ.

Began music production in high school under the influence of music games.

From 2013, he participated in the compilation album series "NEW DAYS", which started with the posting section of IRMA Records Japan in charge of DTM Magazine.

He made his first release and took part in two subsequent series.

In addition, the track "Flash Gun" was adopted in the song offer "Rayark Artist Collaboration 2014" held by Taiwanese game maker "Rayark" and was included in the company's music game "VOEZ" in 2016.

Since 2017, he has been participating in the compilation album of Japan's leading hard dance label "exbit trax", and has been producing mainly tech dance.

He started DJing in 2019, and is also focusing on tech dance as well as music production.

By 2021, he appeared in famous clubs such as R-lounge, nagomix and WOMB.

In 2020, he launched his own label "4onthetrax" and started releasing it from that label.

"All I Ever Wanted (ANKI Remix)" released on the same label was played on ageHa, and "Melty Punch (Tech Dance Rework)" was supported on the program "Remote Control" of the club music internet radio station "".



2013年から、DTMマガジン連載のIRMA Records Japan担当の投稿コーナーで生まれたコンピアルバムシリーズ"NEW DAYS"に参加。


また、台湾のゲームメーカー "Rayark"が開催した楽曲公募 "Rayark Artist Collaboration 2014"で楽曲"Flash Gun"が採用され、2016年に同社の音楽ゲーム"VOEZ"に収録された。

2017年からは日本屈指のハードダンスレーベル"exbit trax"のコンピアルバムに参加するようになり、テックダンスを中心に制作を続けている。




同レーベルからリリースした"All I Ever Wanted (ANKI Remix)"はageHaでプレイされた他、"Melty Punch (Tech Dance Rework)"はクラブミュージック専門ネットラジオ局""の番組"Remote Control"でサポートされた。