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Profile page of 4onthetrax’s owner “Yosshie 4onthefloor”.

4onthetraxのオーナー”Yosshie 4onthefloor”のプロフィールページです。

Yosshie 4onthefloor

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Tech Dance Trackmaker.

To make Tech Dance a popular genre,

actively producing and releasing tracks in Tech Dance and related genres.

Debuted in 2013 with IRMA Records Japan's compilation album.

Released tracks in various genres.

In 2016, his own track "Flash Gun" was included in Rayark's music game "Voez".

it became a popular track and was included in the same company's music game "Cytus II".

From 2017, he shifted to activities centered on Tech Dance.

He participated in Japan's leading Hard Dance labels "exbit trax" and "HYVE",

His tracks are recorded on the same CD alongside famous Trackmakers such as Remo-con, Nhato, DJ Noriken, and Hommarju.

In 2020, he launched his own label "4onthetrax",

and started regular releases mainly on his own Tech Dance tracks.

As a remixer, he has invited talented trackmaker from each generation such as Ken Plus Ichiro, ni-21, and s-don.

Some release of that label are supported on "Remote Control" on "" and "Aobasi Hour" on "FM Odawara".




2013年、IRMA Records Japanのコンピレーションアルバムでデビュー。


2016年、Rayark社の音楽ゲーム"Voez"に自身の楽曲"Flash Gun"が収録され、

人気楽曲となり同社の音楽ゲーム"Cytus II"にも収録された。


日本屈指のハードダンスレーベルである"exbit trax"や"HYVE"に参加し、

Remo-con、Nhato、DJ Noriken、Hommarjuといった著名トラックメイカーと同じCDに楽曲が収録されている。



リミキサーとしてKen Plus Ichiro, ni-21, s-donといった各世代の実力者を招聘しており、

""の"Remote Control"や"FMおだわら"の"アオバシアワー"で一部リリースがサポートされている。

Participating CD - 参加CD

・THE BARRELEYE (Shinkai waveS Records)

​Tr.2:Did You Close Up?, Tr.4:C.H.Dimension, Tr.6:Sunset WInd

・HYVE Vol.2 - Hard Dance Compilation (HYVE)

​Tr.3:Corner Remainder

・Inverse V (Laudese)

​Tr.6:Too Lazy To Duty

・VACANT EP (exbit trax)

​Tr.4:Emotional Girl

・GOLD DISC (exbit trax)

​Tr.2:Future Star

・RAID EP (exbit trax)


・PROMINENCE EP (exbit trax)


・FLOTAGE EP (exbit trax)


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